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{From The Heart Events} Tips To Keep Your Birthday Party Planning Environmentally Friendly

 "Greener" birthday partyis possible!

(It just sounds harder than it is)
  • Limiting the guest count will reduce waste. 
  • Use cloth linens as your first choice, paper table cloths if budget is a factor. 
  • Use real plates to serve food.  Other options include compostable paper plates that are plant based.
  • Use compostable silverware (wood, plant based) or stainless.
  • Paper straws are readily available and come in adorable colors!
  • Glassware (mason jars are perfect) or paper in lieu of styrofoam or plastic.
  • Serve drinks in large dispensers (especially water) to omit those individual plastic bottles.
  • If cans or bottled soft drink are used, set up a designated recycling bin and label it accordingly.
  • Purchase or sew your own fabric bunting banners that can be used year after year.
  • Use bulk candy served in jars.  Try to avoid individually wrapped ones in plastic.
  • Please, please, please ditch the goody bags.  The toys inside this plastic sack will last 10 minutes and end up in the trash (along with the sack).  Instead offer an edible party favor like a royal iced cookie or a book that matches the theme of your party.  Hire a silhouette artist or caricature artist and the portraits make a fantastic favor. 
  • Try to purchase some or all of your florals from green houses that are more local to you.  If that is not possible buy in bulk to reduce plastic packaging and use your imagination with vases.  Milk glass vases, mason jars, vintage tins any vessel could look charming if done correctly. 
  • Request that guests donate money for their child's college savings, to a charitable cause in lieu of toys or request "no gifts".
  • Another gifting option to reduce packaging waste and wrapping paper mounds is to suggest a "zero waste gift".  This could include anything that would NOT have packaging and could include books, anything homemade (my personal favorite), certificates for movies, ice cream, lunch, zoo tickets, a children's museum tickets or even a manicure.  Other zero waste gifts could include a new experience for the birthday boy/girl such as a dance lesson, tennis lesson, art lesson, even a baking lesson...this type of gifting will show your child that there is a whole world out there to explore and enjoy besides material possessions.

I do not consider myself an environmental expert on party planning, I just believe that a child's party, any party, can be planned sustainably.  {From the Heart Events} will show your guests that an amazing party doesn't have to be synonymous with "over done".  YOU will be proud knowing you hosted a beautiful event filled with heart.